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EMKA Aluminium - Your specialist for aluminium components

With the production site in Wuppertal Sonnborn EMKA Aluminium is an established presence in the field of innovative and high-quality aluminium products. We produce aluminium components for a wide range of applications in the automotive, mechanical engineering and healthcare sectors – to name just a few. The production processes deployed, aluminium pressure die casting, aluminium hot forging und aluminium friction welding are rounded off by means of mechanical machining. The owner, experienced engineers and the entire production team use innovative production technology to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

GSB Aluminium becomes part of the EMKA GROUP

Further expanding its own production range in a targeted manner - with this strategy, the EMKA Group has taken over GSB Aluminium GmbH from Wuppertal.

With around 80 employees, the company is an established player in aluminium production. GSB Aluminium GmbH will operate under the name EMKA Aluminium GmbH in the future. The previous management will remain in place.

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Production at EMKA Aluminium is based on long-term experience in the field of aluminium pressure die casting and aluminium forging. This enables us to provide our customers worldwide with an extensive portfolio of high-quality products, optimised up to series production level, with delivery after EOP. The continuous expansion of the product range is an integral part of our day to day business.




Aluminium die casting

Comprehensive experience of many years in the requirements of a multitude of different sectors and machinery consisting of nine diecastingmachines enables EMKA Aluminium to make manifold geometries in the common aluminium alloys from 5 g up to 8 kg per part.

The subsequent machining is effected internally on 10 machining centres of different sizes.

Aluminum forging

High-quality products for special loads – at low weight. This is the best way to describe the portfolio for the field of aluminium manufacturing. Aluminium forgings of a piece weight of up to 2.5 kg can be produced. For mechanical machining extensive machinery, besides turning lathes and machining centres, is available.
The multitude of further manufacturing processes, such as PUR sealing foam technology and surface treatment, enables EMKA Aluminium to realise the most complex requirements. Also the assembly of entire components is possible.

Friction welding

The spin welding process employed at EMKA Aluminium is designed for rotationally symmetrical welding cross-sections with centric position of centre of gravity of the rotating part. The combination of extruded tubes, forged aluminium parts and friction welding results in nonporous high-strength joints.
The welding bead typically produced in this process can be removed in a subsequent processing step of turning. Further production steps are effected on machining centres with automated devices.



At EMKA Aluminium, development begins on the basis of the technological requirements defined by the customer.
Our products are developed in cooperation with our customers taking into account cost optimisation and continuously increasing product quality.
Our team maintains close ties with leading German universities and institutes, in order to ensure utilisation of top technologies and our leading role in the production of high-quality aluminium products (e.g. research in spraying and lubrication technology incl. tool wear studies).
The deployment of state-of-the-art simulation programs and customised laser marking are just a few examples of our latest technical innovations.


High quality and continuous improvement are the foundations of our company policy and contribute to the firm’s constant growth.

The processes defined within the framework of company certification according to DIN ISO 9001 are implemented and experienced to the highest standards. Quality awareness is a basic component of our business philosophy and an integral part of our employees’ activities.
EMKA Aluminium has undertaken to provide the necessary personnel, capital, internal training and a systematic organisational structure, not only to maintain our high quality standards but also to ensure further process optimisation.


EMKA Aluminium has extensive references worldwide and supports its customers either directly or through technically qualified representatives at a local level. We provide appropriate logistics to support our customers over large distances and thereby ensure smooth and punctual maintenance.
Our satisfied customers can be found on almost every continent.

Algeria - Argentina - Australia - Austria - Belgium - China - Columbia - Czech Republic - Ecuador - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - India - Iran - Kazakhstan - Luxembourg - Mexico - Morocco - Netherlands - Norway - Poland - Romania - Serbia - South Africa - Spain - Sweden - Tobago - Trinidad and Tobago - Turkey - Ukraine - United Kingdom - United States of America


Our high-quality products, developed individually to meet your requirements, make us a unique partner for your demanding assignments.
We develop, construct and produce according to customer specifications. Our extensive technical possibilities, combined with modern technology, offer customised solutions for even the most difficult requirements.
Current projects include, for example, aluminium pressure die cast parts for e-bike drives and forged components for pedestrian protection systems.